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Neutral Baby Bedding Sets

Pink, Blue Or Unsure?

If you have chosen not know the gender of your baby prior to the happy day, you may be looking for neutral baby bedding sets. If you're going shopping for a newborn without knowing the gender, there are many options besides pink and blue.

Thinking about just flipping a coin...heads it's roses and lace, tails you get the airplane crib bedding? There are better ways of making sure that you get the correct themed nursery crib bedding and decor that will be useful. We have listed a few popular choices and ideas.


Gender Neutral Colors

The easiest way, of course, is to stick to gender neutral colors in selections. As a culture, we're fond of using and decorating in pastels, however you do not need to limit yourself to pale yellow and green to be safe. There are many other gender neutral colors to choose from.

Looking for a crib set that isn't gender-specific? White and ivory are great choices, and you can actually get away with eyelet and lace as long as it's not too delicate. A plump white comforter and matching crib bumpers work just as well for a boy as for a girl. After your baby is born, you can accent with a gender specific color or colors.

Using primary colors is another fantastic way to prevent the gender tangle when choosing crib bedding and accessories for your baby. Bright red, blue, green and yellow crib bedding will look adorable in a nursery no matter what gender the baby ends up being. Choose a color in turquoise, orange, dark green or red, either all solid color, or with contrasting colors.

Gender Neutral Patterns

If you're uncertain if you're going to have a boy or girl, keep in mind that you can err more easily on the boy side than the girl if you're not sure on the gender. A baby girl with a sports themed nursery is cute. You simply wouldn't want to put a little boy in a butterfly themed nursery. Duckies and teddy bears are one gender neutral crib bedding option, however you can find adorable unique prints that will stand apart. Some of the more creative themes that we've seen around lately - Noah's Ark, nautical, jungle, owls and ocean themes.

Other gender neutral patterns that work for boys or girls nursery crib bedding is color stripes, odd-size polka dots and abstract patterns. Choose a theme, pick a color and have a blast designing your baby nursery with a theme that doesn't scream boy or girl.