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Toddler Pillows for Sleeping

If you have been searching for toddler pillows for sleeping, you may be wondering first of all, when to give your toddler a pillow and secondly, what the best toddler pillow is.

"According to AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics), it is still not clear on when it is safe to give a baby her/his own pillow. Even so, some experts seem to agree that the safest time is when your child is one year old. When a child is twelve months old, the risk of suffocation reduces considerably. However, if your child is still sleeping in a crib, remove all objects that may cause suffocation. The pillow should be small, firm and flat like the ones given on airplanes". Content Source

If you know that your child is ready for a pillow, we have hand picked the best pillows for toddlers including the best organic and hypoallergenic pillows.